Project report 2021
These are some of the projects we support in different parts of the world. Our goal: that food, health and education are a right for everyone and not a privilege for some.
For this, we all need!

In many countries in Africa they face the health emergency of COVD-19 along with other humanitarian crises. The combination of armed conflicts, economic crisis, epidemics, extreme weather events and pandemic places many people in a food emergency situation.
Childhood is a risk group. Millions of girls and boys suffer from acute and chronic malnutrition and acute respiratory diseases. They are also subjected to violence, abuse and exploitation.
Although women are a source of economic vitality throughout Africa, discrimination limits the opportunities available to them. Female schooling is much lower than male. Women have no decision-making capacity, such as forced marriages, genital mutilation or customs, in which husbands have the main voice in families.
The VIC Foundation is present in the following countries and projects, contributing to the improvement of nutrition, education and health.

We also want to enable a common fund for all countries to face EMERGENCIES derived from COVID 19

The Carmelite Congregation of Charity of Vedruna, counterpart of the VIC Foundation, is present in 13 countries in America. Especially in the Caribbean and South America. Each one with its political, economic and social reality. All of them, and some in a very worrying way, with harsh realities of ignorance, poverty, emigration and exclusion.
The challenges that these countries face today are enormous so that there can really be an emerging development in economic terms, a socio-structural homogeneity and the application of policies, as is intended from the so-called modernization. And as a consequence, a great social inequality is generated that puts many people in very precarious situations, with a high level of unemployment, a lot of underground economy and extreme difficulty in families to get ahead by promoting health and culture in all their younger members .
In this pandemic situation these situations are further aggravated: people cannot go out to work and hunger is present along with other addictions and violence, especially in children and women.
The VIC Foundation supports various projects to be developed in different countries with a focus on cultural, educational, social and economic empowerment of people who are left behind and suffer the worst consequences of exclusion and inequality. As a fundamental philosophy, the defense and development of Human Rights and the care of Mother Earth.

We also want to enable a common fund for all countries to face EMERGENCIES derived from COVID 19
Project: Sta. Joaquina de Vedruna Medical Clinic (2201)

In the Philippines, almost one in three individuals lives below the poverty line.
Poor families are frequently hungry or malnourished, leading to numerous health problems, especially among children as they are physically more vulnerable than adults.
The infant mortality rate is particularly high. Access to medical and health services continues to be difficult in the most remote regions of the country and, of course, it is in these areas where malnutrition and its consequent problems are most virulent.
More than 10% of Filipino children are forced to work to meet the needs of their families.
Children from autochthonous minorities (manobos) are often victims of racist acts, since the legislation does not protect them.
The Philippines is one of 20 countries in which children are forced to be soldiers in armed conflicts.
Children are victims of child abuse in some families. These are serious crimes and are often not convicted. The judicial system also fails to adequately protect children from threats and intimidation by criminals.
We work to achieve a future in which all its inhabitants, and especially women and other vulnerable groups, live free from the injustice of poverty. We also respond in disaster situations by providing emergency assistance to affected people so that they can regain their livelihoods.

We also want to enable a common fund for all countries to face EMERGENCIES derived from COVID 19
In India, living conditions are harsh. Life expectancy is 62 years for men and 63 for women, 86 children die out of every 1,000 born. There is one doctor for every 2,600 inhabitants, and the literacy of the population is 52%.
According to data from the IMF and ILO, around 92% of the workforce in India works in informal sectors of the economy, this means that they do not have any type of protection against unemployment and, therefore, their livelihood depends on the daily wage .
Overpopulation, food security and gender equality are some of the most important challenges. A quarter of the population of India continues to suffer from extreme hunger. The worst effects of this food insecurity are not only deaths from starvation, but also malnutrition and related diseases, which affect the future of millions of people.
Children in India continue to suffer from some of the harshest conditions of any other part of the world, with high rates of malnutrition (stunting), child labor and forced begging, and childhood diseases such as diarrhea
More than 70% of Indian women living in rural areas suffer some form of violence.
Indian women suffer from discrimination and their freedoms are violated on a daily basis. However, in this extremely difficult context, educational, health and entrepreneurial movements have emerged that empower women and turn them into very important centers of promotion and socio-cultural changes.
The VIC Foundation supports projects in different towns and states of India. Many of them with tribal populations. In all of them, the sisters are close to the most vulnerable, with their presence that encourages and promotes human rights at all ages, both in education and in health and in the development of self-financing projects.
We also want to enable a common fund for all projects to deal with EMERGENCIES derived from COVID 19
We organize the projects in three blocks according to the profile of the target people:
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