VIC Foundation
Foundation profile:

The Foundation was established in 2004, led by committed people who cared about the most disadvantaged and vulnerable segments of society. This foundation strengthen community development projects. Its will is to contribute in order to achieve a fair and solidary world where all people have dignity and freedom.

Foundation aims:
  • Defend human rights and work towards the most disadvantaged people.
  • Run and led community development projects.
  • Enable participation, sharing and volunteering.
  • Addressing toward a structure change to get a fairer world.
  • Inform and raise public awareness.
Foundation’s action:
  • Wise observation to discover the real people problems.
  • Wise listening to people’s yells, cries and voices, to offer an answer which arises from them.
  • Proper sharing of what we belong, even if it’s little.
  • Self-organisation and collective organisation to perform efficient actions.
  • Offering participation, sharing responsibilities and generating hope and meaning.
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