How can you get involved and what does it consist?

a) Contribute with your training or your free time collaborating in our projects.
b) Turning into a volunteer or come into a collaborator within any economic donation that you can afford.
c) Spread these projects and actions in your own context.
d) Detect needs and communicate them to the foundation in order to explore different ways of collaboration.

In any case, we appreciate you contact us by email at

In case you want to make an economic donation:

SANTANDER - ES 37 0049 0611 4423 1063 8829
La CAIXA - ES12 2100 2128 4902 0020 4514
IBERCAJA  ES73 2085 0103 9803 3237 2672

Should you wish to receive a tax relief certificate due to your donation please contact us pointing out: your name and family name, Identity number, Address, shipped quantity, and the bank name through which it has been done.
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