Projects 2022
These are some of the projects we support in different parts of the world.

Our objective: that food, health and education are a right for everyone and not a privilege for some.

For this, we all need!
Many countries in Africa face the COVD-19 health emergency at the cost of other humanitarian crises. The combination of war conflicts, economic crises, epidemics, extreme weather events and pandemics put many people in a situation of food emergency.
Childhood is a risk group. Millions of boys and girls suffer from acute and chronic malnutrition and acute respiratory illnesses. They are also subject to violence, mistreatment and exploitation.
Although gifts are a source of economic vitality for Africa as a whole, discrimination limits the opportunities they have in their supply. Female schooling is much lower than male schooling. The woman does not have decision-making capacity, such as forced marriages, genital mutilation or customs, in which the spouses have the main role in their families.
The VIC Foundation is present in the following countries and projects, contributing to the millions of food, education and health.

I will also enable a common fund to all the countries to face the EMERGENCIES derived from COVID 19
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