VIC in the world
It desires to be recognised in its own dignity and join in the world’s history. It’s a land of joyful and welcoming people and there is plenty of natural wealth. However, it has been devastated by wars and inner and outsider corruption.
Its towns are full of life and creativity and they fight for survival while beholding their land engulfed by the growing inequality. There is a young Church willing to conduct population towards its release.
That territory historically wealthy and spiritual, which is the cradle of great religions, is facing the challenge of an illiterate Church.

It is the biggest and the most overcrowded continent, while it also has great bulks of excluded people where human rights are violated.
It disseminates humanist and Christian culture, but secularised by a growing materialism, whose first values are well-being and self-satisfaction. However, there is a great contrast with big masses of poverty that illustrate the inequality. Today it is feeling the challenge of returning to its roots and rekindle its values.
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